Exploring the Unseen & the In-between

As a researcher, storyteller, and community activator, I help communities and organizations understand how emerging technologies, alternative economic models and social structures, and disruptive media/cultural behavior can harvested for creating better futures - from the US and Brazil, to Germany and Saudi Arabia.

My latest project is Coliga, a platform for communities of freelancers like coworking spaces to create their own decentralized marketplace, receive jobs as a collective, and split the value from jobs completed to support common infrastructure.

I’m also a supporter and collaborator of networks like House of Genius, Neo-Tribes, OuiShare,

After graduating from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service (Washington DC), I cut my teeth in advertising & digital communications in New York, just as the social media revolution and 2008 global crash were setting the tone for a very disruptive decade. For the past 7 years I have worked as an ethnographer and strategist for global clients like Spotify, Samsung, Red Bull, and دراما / MBC, and conducting fieldwork in places like São Paulo, Lyon, Guangzhou, and Jeddah. I focus on emerging technologies and behavior, particularly as it relates to creating and accelarating alternative models of ownership, commerce, political participation, and collective infrastructure

Crossing geographies, disciplines, and philosophies allows me to navigate the edges and to map the hidden flows of culture. What I uncover are provocative truths and disruptive strategies that help organizations to discover biases, recognize early signals, solve problems, and pilot new ways of doing that lead to a more conscious society.

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